Data Driven Sales Coaching

16-11-10-am-driving-rev-attainment‘Driving Revenue Attainment: Data Driven Sales Coaching to Maximise Effectiveness Across the Funnel

Sales is a numbers game’ – everyone knows that right? Unfortunately too many people still fail to realise that the numbers that matter in the sales funnel aren’t just the activity levels but should also include the ratios up the funnel.

“Seymour Sellmore” is a character that a lot of us were introduced to in our early days of selling and arguably for a “green” salesperson, it’s not a bad concept. After all, as my colleague and friend Stuart Lotherington is fond of reminding us, Continue reading

Embedding Behavioural Change: maximising ROI on your development initiatives

16.09.02 Tree - Can anybody hear meeeee_V2

Question: If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound?

Frankly who cares! Of more importance is the question: if you invest in training your people and there is no observational coaching to support it being embedded and habitualised, will there be any ROI? I think we can agree that the answer is: Continue reading

The Power of Consequence: a key lesson for sales & service delivery

16.07.21 AM Power of Consequence - Nail

For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost, for the want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the battle was lost…you probably know the rest and if you don’t, suffice to say nothing good happens!

I heard this childhood rhyme the other day and it reminded me of the importance of consequence; the consequence of which has been me writing this post on a key behaviour that distinguishes great sales and service delivery professionals – Continue reading

The Science of Sales

16.03.18 SL Science of sales - thumbs-upAre you a positive person?

When was the last time you put this to the test to see if you actually are? If you have admitted to yourself that you perhaps may not be, is it costing you in lost sales in your career?

The ‘realists’ amongst you will say being positive shouldn’t make a difference but an increasing body of evidence is suggesting otherwise that it does. Take the sentence below. Continue reading

Preparing Your 2016 Goals

There is no such thing as talent“The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.” – Vince Lombardi

48,000 people are offered and accept a place in the London Marathon each year. Only 36,000 actually start, that’s 25% drop-out before the race even starts. The drop-out rate during the race when people are actually on their, ‘Sometimes painful and challenging journey,’ is a small fraction of less than 1%.  This strongly suggests that  Continue reading

Selling & Dealing with Procrastination

Many salespeople and business developers that we at SBR Consulting deal with, ask us how best to deal with the challenge of procrastination among their prospects towards buying.

A couple of thoughts on this that I recently shared with a client were:

1. Properly qualify the opportunity at the front end – Do you have clarity on the decision making and budgetary process? Are the people that are telling you that they want it decision makers or influencers? Continue reading

Are You Closing on Value?

15.02.13 AM Value BlogHave you built the platform to negotiate from a position of conviction?

“I mentioned during our sessions that if you hear from me, it will be good news. Indeed, I got the deal at the price we asked for, well almost! They increased the budget from $145k to $187k. We quoted $190k but they asked for a “face-saving” $3k discount which we gave them. Thanks to you for giving me the confidence to go back to the client with a firm value proposition rather than simply dropping our price to meet their “budget”. And so it works!” Senior Sales Professional in Telecoms Market

The comment above was from a delegate that attended a workshop that I ran toward the back end of last year and it is common to the reaction that many of our delegates have when they step back and think about the value of a deal rather than Continue reading