Online Sales Tracker – Critical Success Factor (CSF) Tool ®

Most salespeople use a CRM Tool or database to track leads, opportunities and forecasts. However, CRM Tools do not track a salesperson’s specific behaviours or how each one directly relates to revenue. This is why SBR Consulting has developed the Online Critical Success Factor (CSF) Tool®. The CSF Tool is a hosted, web-based sales tracker used to track and report the activities which are critical to the ongoing improvement of a salesperson.

Increase Sales Performance by 10% (or more in 3 Months)

Some people say, “Sales is just a numbers game”. Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. The problem with contacting as many people as you can and hoping for the best is that you have no insight into which areas of the sales process you need to improve on. To be truly effective you need a sales tracker that records, analyses and reports the correct data from every stage of the sales cycle in an easy-to-understand format. Then you can quickly identify how your behaviour and activity at each of these stages is contributing to your revenue. The fact is most salespeople simply do not track the right data. In order to continuously improve as a salesperson, you need to track activity around these stages of the sales cycle (depending on your role):

  • Prospecting
  • Effective conversations
  • Meetings booked
  • Meetings held
  • Second stage meetings/callbacks
  • Proposals/closing attempts
  • Wins

Even with all this data tracked, it is still difficult to decipher which activities need improvement. Using ratios to analyse this data gives a far more effective understanding. The CSF Tool® sales tracker does just that. It takes all of this relevant data and calculates the ratios that exist between each of the stages of your sales cycle. These are your Critical Success Factors.

The CSF Tool sales tracker ensures the company and the employee understand the areas of strength and the areas that need development

Users will gain:

  • Insight into the daily operations of their job performance from an activity standpoint
  • A simple way in which to capture activity information through investing less than 1 minute per day
  • An understanding of the relation between activity and results
  • An understanding of their own best practices
  • Access to the best practices employed by their peers
  • Validation methods to ensure accuracy of the collected data
  • Powerful data with which to guide your 1-2-1s and training decisions
  • A management tool which provides value to the company and to the employee

“CSF tool is indeed working out very well for my New Business team, we now have over 6 months of stats and ratios that is helping with our planning and enables us to really break down to weekly activity goals…… all of my team who could qualify for 100% club qualified so it goes to show that your habits and techniques do work!” Sales Manager, Global IT Services Provider

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