Sales Performance

SBR Consulting are a sales transformation consultancy.
We focus on creating High Performance Sales Cultures based on Successful Sales Habits.

Our aim:

To liberate the sales potential in both individuals and organisations.
Our philosophy; “We Build People, People Build Companies™”.

Our approach:

We investigate and understand your business issues around sales performance and create and deliver bespoke programmes, resulting in increased sales performance and sustainable revenue. We then support lasting change by ensuring that the high performance sales skills and tools we introduce become habit.

We improve our client’s sales performance by enabling them to:

  • Meet and Exceed Revenue Targets
  • Increase Market Share
  • Enter and Develop Strategic & Target Accounts
  • Shorten Sales Cycles
  • Create Proactive Sales Cultures & Capabilities
  • Improve Salesforce Productivity

By embedding sales performance strategies such as:

  • Best Practice Sales Behaviour
  • Effective Sales Techniques
  • The Consultative Sales Methodology
  • Sales Management Development
  • Interim Sales Management / Outsourced Sales Manager
  • Improving sales pipeline accuracy
  • Measuring and linking the critical success factor to sales performance

SBR Consulting’s Habits Triangle

SBR Consulting’s “Creating Successful Sales Habits” Triangle© comprises of 3 elements:

Process/Skills – QUIS Selling™
Sales Motivation – Mindset and Sales Confidence
Self Management – Work Habits and Sales Activity Tracking

When the 3 corners of the SBR Habits Triangle© are developed, the result is High Performance Sales Habits. This unique approach is the reason we are leaders in the sales performance arena.
To learn more about the habits triangle click here.

Why Use a Sales Performance Consultancy?

Some businesses bring in external specialists to improve IT processes, financial affairs, PR/Marketing, etc but do not invest in their sales force to improve sales performance. Many often rely merely on an incentive program as an attempt to motivate the sales force to hit their targets. Some companies make the mistake of hiring management consultants (many of whom have not been in sales themselves) to look at the sales function. Not only do they not have sales expertise, but their skills are not appropriate to most of the problems associated with sales performance.

Successful businesses understand that investment in appropriate training for salespeople and sales managers is just as essential as training in other areas of the business. Selling is not a, “Black Art”, and although there will always be those with more of a natural communication style, there is a structure and a science behind it, and it can be taught. Every consultant at SBR Consulting has a proven track record of exceptional sales performance; a comprehensive experience-based knowledge of every aspect of sales at every level; and an intimate understanding of how to create and embed successful sales habits in individuals.

Why We Are Different

SBR Consulting recognises that attending a one day training course is a good energiser, but ultimately it can, at best, only give an awareness of what the person needs to change. We believe the focus needs to be on more than just awareness. We develop strategies to enforce successful habitual change in individual skills, attitudes and behaviours.

SBR Consulting are different because:

  1. We do not employ career trainers. We teach what we have learned from real life experience in business, and present it in a way that truly engages the delegate.
  2. We make the time to design the right program, not just one off-the-shelf that worked for another client.
  3. We provide a full service offering or, if applicable, just a single part of a solution.
  4. The techniques and methods taught on our courses are both achievable and successful in the real world.
  5. We work with your people at all levels as this is the only way to provide the real solution.
  6. Our bespoke programs focus on habitual change rather than one-size fits all methodology.

“The common denominator of success is forming the habit of doing the things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.” Albert E Gray.

SBR Consulting can help you improve sales performance. Take the first step in improving sales performance today. Give us a call at 0044 (0)845 873 3939, send us an email, or fill out our contact form to learn how we can help you achieve dramatic increases in sales results.