Sales ManagementAt SBR Consulting, we believe that the best way to improve sales management in our clients is to create successful sales leadership habits.

Our leadership courses focus on training the sales management team for lasting behavioural change. In our experience it is a sales manager’s ‘habits’, that is, what they do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis which affect their team’s ability to win business.

An effective and inspirational leader can make all the difference between a sales team which habitually finds reasons why a target cannot be hit, and one which consistently comes in over target. All too often salespeople are promoted into a sales management position because of previous success in the company and/or experience within the industry, rather than on actual sales management experience.

To liberate sales leadership potential and create successful sales habits, sales managers need to know how to lead a sales team day to day. Leaders need to have the ability and confidence in their own sales skills, to motivate their team effectively, and to organise and track the sales team’s activity and results. In any one group of people there will always be different personalities, learning styles, and levels of experience, competency and motivation. SBR Consulting’s Leadership program gives sales managers the toolkit and processes to deal with all of these variables, and provides the skills necessary for successful sales management. In real terms this translates into an inspired sales team that continuously goes to the next level.

Our High Performance Leadership Habits course is based around 5 core competencies:

  1. Inspirational Leadership
  2. Performance Coaching
  3. Self Management
  4. Sales Activity Metrics
  5. Recruitment and Retention

What you will gain:

  • Understanding of how to effectively shadow / train your people
  • Clarity on when & how to change your management style
  • Confidence in holding effective team meetings
  • A structure for one-on-one meetings
  • The ability to confront under-performance in a constructive way
  • Knowledge of how to recognise & praise effectively
  • Critical Success Factor Analysis
  • Understanding of how to recruit the right people & integrate them successfully
  • How to continually develop your team

High Performance Leadership Habits focuses on lasting behavioural change and it is this unique habits-based approach that makes us leaders in sales management training.

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