Sales DevelopmentAt SBR Consulting, we believe that the best way to nurture sales development in our clients is to create successful sales habits throughout the business culture.

Our training for salespeople is based around High Performance Sales Habits. It focuses on sales development in individuals through lasting behavioural change. In our experience it is a sales person’s ‘habits’, that is, what they do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which affect their ability to win business.

Our whole approach is based around SBR Consulting’s Habits Triangle™. The three elements necessary to create successful sales habits are: Sales Motivation, Self Management and Sales Skills/Process. All of the traits of a successful salesperson fall into one of these categories. For example, they know how to motivate themselves when they just don’t feel motivated, they take ownership of their targets and they have the competence to effortlessly win business from prospecting through to close.



When it comes to sales development, most organisations spend the bulk of their time ensuring their people are up to speed on product/service knowledge. Although this is one piece of the puzzle, there are a number of other skills required to be successful at sales. Furthermore, without a structured process sales development can be hindered.

Q.U.I.S. Selling™ is the Consultative Sales Methodology, developed by SBR Consulting. It encompasses the entire sales process and the skills needed for sales development, including:

  • The Structure of a Successful Sales Meeting
  • Creating a Buying Atmosphere
  • Utilisation of Third Person Validation
  • Engineering the Vision
  • Identifying Buying Signals
  • Moving a Prospect to Action
  • Understanding Behavioural Styles
  • Formula for Success in Sales

Sales Motivation

The nature of sales jobs makes them very stressful at times. There is often pressure to hit high targets which can seem unrealistic when faced with a lot of rejection from prospects. Successful salespeople are emotionally resilient, have a passion for achieving goals and are highly motivated to find a solution to their client’s problems. For sales development to occur, a motivated and problem solving attitude is essential for success. Areas that we address in this corner of the Habits Triangle include:

  • Developing Emotional Resilience
  • Understanding Self Image and Self Talk
  • Increasing Confidence in Your Approach
  • Developing a Client-Focused Motivation
  • Understanding How Goals Really Work

Systems (Self Management)

Most companies will have some process in place to measure the sales statistics and more often than not, this is used solely as a management tool to crack the whip. At SBR Consulting, we teach people how to understand the vital statistics that are driving their revenue and then develop a plan which reflects their strengths and areas to grow.

How to use your stats as a motivator
Here we help the delegate to understand their 4-5 stats which are driving their revenue. We can then develop a plan which reflects their strengths and areas to develop.

Developing your own pipeline and a relationship management system
Here we work with team members on their individual pipeline. This helps maintain a constant flow of prospects and tracks the prospects through the sales process.


When the 3 corners of the SBR Habits Triangle™ are applied, the result is High Performance Sales Habits. This unique approach to training salespeople is the reason we are leaders in the sales development arena.

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