SBR Consulting’s Parent Company is The Southwestern Company, established in 1868. We have now established 16 successful companies across the industry spectrum and are proud to build on the foundation of more than a century of growth and to continue to deliver excellence. Feel free to click on any of the logos on the right-hand side that relate to our corporate family.

Within the corporation, the division that focuses on Sales Performance is globally known as Southwestern Consulting. It consists of five specialist practices that help support clients in every aspect of sales, including Sales Consulting, Sales Coaching, Sales Leadership Coaching, Sales Training Seminars, Sales Management Training, Keynote Speakers and Public Sales Conferences. All follow the same principles and ethics relating to long term sales growth.

SBR Consulting is the Sales Consultancy arm, largely formed because of the reputation of and demand for the sales and success skills portrayed in the thousands of alumni of our organisation. Our consulting and training methodologies have helped many individuals and companies achieve long-term success all over the globe. We provide our clients with proven recession proof success skills which address the individual’s habits and motivations within their organisations. In other words we focus on “High Performance Sales Habits”.

Our history speaks for itself. We deliver practical solutions, which fit with the real world. In reading it, you will understand why we are truly qualified to help you train your sales force.

“A business is a reflection of the skills and attitude of the people in the business… you can’t build a business – you build people. People build the business.” Spencer Hays – Executive Chairman of the Board