Most of our chosen affiliates are companies that have specialist knowledge in areas that compliment our mission statement to, “liberate sales potential”. We have chosen to work with them on our own internal development, so have first hand experiences of how well they work with their clients.


Top are the market leading niche job board for the Management Consulting industry. It’s the place to go for news and jobs. They also run great seminars and workshops for consultants in conjunction with SBR Consulting and their other partners.


EquiteqEquiteq LLP provides merger, acquisition and growth services exclusively to the business consulting and IT services industries. They help owners to grow profits and equity value and/or successfully sell their firm.


Smart Wisdom

Smart Wisdom’s proven programmes help clients – a banker, a lawyer, a professional advisor – to reduce information overload, save time and money, and increase productivity.

Success Dynamics

Success Dynamics – understanding what make people ‘tick’ is crucial to the success of any company. Finding out how people ‘tick’ though can be very difficult to do quickly and effectively. Success Dynamics provide managers with the psychometric skills and solutions to understand their people and improve the way their people work together.

Three Hands

Three Hands links businesses with community organisations and social issues, for shared benefit. Their mission is to develop organisations and their people by helping them to understand, experience, engage with and benefit the communities in which they operate.

Knowledge is King is the UK number 1 for Network Marketing books. CDs and DVDs. Knowledge is King believe that you become what you study: if you study law you can become a lawyer; if you study people skills you can become a great communicator ; if you study wealth and investing you can become financially free.

Knowledge is King